Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yummy Yummy Mongolian Grill & Sushi = OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Yummy Yummy is now open and serving up some very delicious Mongolian food! I just ate there for lunch, and I will be going back there for dinner most likely to take pictures and to write a better review. I was too in awe my first visit to really take it all in. Despite my constant restaurant stalking, I didn't know it was open and was heading to a different restaurant for lunch today.

Here is what I can tell you right now:
It was very affordable. It was cheaper than the Mongolian restaurant in the Woodlands by at least a couple of dollars, but it seems like even more food. The sushi is also very affordable. They DO serve alcohol—I saw wine, sake, beer, and margaritas on the menu. Wine prices seem to be around $5 to $7.  
If you are making your own bowl, they give you a green bowl for vegetables and a red bowl for your meat and fish. I thought that was a nice touch. You also get a separate cup for your sauce. You can pick one or mix and match if you are more adventurous. The only thing that I missed from the place in the Woodlands was a recommendation diagram of which sauces go best with different types of meats, fish, and vegetables, but I can see them putting something like that up in the near future.
The owner is very friendly and came to our table multiple times to see if we were enjoying our meal. The servers were still getting the hang of everything, but that is very understandable. Not only is Yummy Yummy a brand new restaurant, it is also a slightly confusing restaurant for those who are unfamiliar with the way Mongolian grills operate.
There is a conveyer belt that displays various sushi items. I believe you are able to grab them yourself or your waitress what you would like from the belt. There is a color coded system for items on the belt that I didn’t completely catch, but I will write more about it after my second visit later today. I am only going back twice today, because when I drove by I wasn’t prepared for it to be open! =)
The inside is slightly on the small side for the crowd I know this place is going to get, but the atmosphere is very nice! You won’t feel like you are in Kansas… I mean Huntsville anymore. Expect it to be crowded in the upcoming weeks. It is fast dining, though, so even if you see a line when you go in don’t expect to wait too terribly long—at least after the mad rush that is going to hit them this week. Remember, they are open but still working out the kinks with everything. So be patient with the staff and enjoy yourselves.
Those are the main points I can remember at the moment. I am still in Yummy Yummy awe… this is one of the best things to ever happen in Huntsville and in my life!

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