Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yummy Yummy Mongolian Grill & Sushi—We Can’t Wait!

Yummy Yummy Mongolian Grill and Sushi

I’m sure most people in town have already seen it by now, but there is a new (and MUCH needed) restaurant opening soon! You will now be able to save your gas money instead of driving to the Woodlands just to eat at Genghis Grill (okay… we may be the only ones that do that), because now we are getting Yummy Yummy Mongolian Grill & Sushi!
We are excited to see all of the new stores and restaurants that are recently popping up in Huntsville, and I suspect that THIS one is going to be a personal favorite! It's good to see that we are getting a variety of food options instead of another Mexican restaurant. In case you really haven’t seen it yet, it is by the AT&T Store near I-Hop.
No word on the official opening date, but the “Coming Soon” sign that was recently added is very promising! Until then, we will keep driving by just to stare at the outside of the building while daydreaming about buuz dumplings and stir-fry! YUM YUM!

Also, let’s hope someone empties that trash can soon!

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