Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free Comic Book Day! Saturday, May 7th, 2011

For the past ten years, every first Saturday of the month of May has been Free Comic Book Day, and this year is no exception to the rule!
What is Free Comic Book Day?
The title explains itself—on this SUPER, FANTASTIC, AMAZING, X-TREME (insert your own comic related adjective here) day, participating sponsors give out free comic books! It’s as simple as that. People are allowed to grab as many different titles as they want until the store runs out. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t take comics that you are not interested in actually reading, and don’t take more than one of each issue. Most local sponsors usually DO run out of comics before the end of the day. Leave some for other people!
What is the catch?
There isn’t one. The whole point is to get more people interested in comic books.
What kind of comic books will be available?
There are usually a wide variety of comic books given away for free.  Click HERE to see information on all of the comics that will be given away. The highlight of the bunch (in my biased opinion), appears to be Amazing Spiderman. This is a sneak peek into a new Spiderman series that will be released late summer.

“The new MADAME WEB can sense a great conflict brewing in SPIDER-MAN'S future and his only hope for survival lies in the hands of SHANG-CHI, THE MASTER OF KUNG FU!  Can Spidey gain mastery of the martial arts in time to stop a deadly foe from his past?  Watch out, True Believers, 'cause this is the issue that changes up Spider-Man like never before!”
I, for one, am excited!
Other free comics will include a Betty and Veronica issue (Team Veronica!), Green Lantern Flashpoint (just in time for the new movie), and The Mis-adventures of Adam West #1. I have no doubt that the last one will be a real treat. I met “the man, the myth, and the legend” last year at Austin Comic Con, and he was actually FUNNIER in person than on TV!

Where do I get them in Huntsville, TX?
Both our local comic book store, Deep Blue Sea, and Hastings celebrate Free Comic Book Day—so check out one or both of those locations this Saturday!
Deep Blue Sea Comics & Games
1302 Sam Houston Ave # B
Huntsville, TX 77340
 (936) 291-2216

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