Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vince King Legends Concert: August 14th at Old Town Theatre

Vince King Legends Concert

August 14th, 2011 at 3:00pm
At the Old Town Theatre
Tickets: $15 - $20
Viva La Huntvegas! Elvis impersonator, Vince King, will be performing in Huntsville on August 14th. Expect to hear the familiar songs of Elvis Presley along with his signature hip thrusting dance moves! 

This event will also feature Wayne King as Jerry Lee Lewis and Steve Boado as the "Big Whopper." There will also be a special duo performance of Wayne King and Steve Boado as the Blues Brothers. Tickets are $15 and $20 depending on the seating. 

For more information, call Sue Smith at (936) 321-1244 or visit Vince King's Official Website to buy tickets TODAY. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Main Street Summer Film Festival: August 5th and August 6th

Main Street Summer Film Festival
August 5th and August 6th
Old Town Theatre

(Made by the Huntsville Main Street Program)

Last month, residents were given the opportunity to vote for the movies that are going to be shown at the Main Street Summer Film Festival on August 5th and August 6th. Unfortunately for everyone, Airplane did not make the cut… BUT the winners are also good movies!
Movie Times:

Rango: August 5th at 2:00pm
Grease: August 5th at 7:00pm
Tombstone: August 6th at 11:00am
Roman Holiday: August 6th at 7:00pm

The ticket prices are $5.00 per movie or two movies for $8.00.
Call Kim Barnes at 936-291-5920 or kbarnes@huntsvilletxgov to purchase your ticket early or if you are seeking more information.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SHSU Summer II Productions: Four Plays July 27th – August 1st

Summer II Productions: Four Plays July 27th – August 1st
Showcase Theatre
Located on the SHSU campus—click HERE for a map and directions.
8:00pm curtain time
Ticket price: $5.00

(My favorite SHSU actor, Micah Taylor)

This week, the Showcase Theatre will be featuring four different productions. I found this out a little late—the first play of the week, God of Carnage, finished its two day run last night. However, there are still three plays left for the week! All plays start at 8:00pm, but it is best to arrive early. Tickets are on sale right now at the Theatre Box Office.

Fat Pig
By Neil LaBute
Directed by Michelle Ritter
July 27th and July 28th

Tom falls for bright, plus sized Nancy and as a result faces the ridicule and mean spirited jokes from his friends and strangers. How will Tom react to his friends cruel remarks and how does it affect how he sees both himself and Nancy?

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress
By Alan Ball
Directed by James Smith
July 29th and July 30th

This is a play about five bridesmaids and their interaction with each other at an extravagant wedding reception. The more they talk to each other the more they realize that, despite their outward differences, they really have more in common than they originally thought.  

The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged
By Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield
Directed by Calvin Hudson
July 31st and August 1st

The play title says it all… or does it?

All of these plays sound very interesting! Parking is available behind the Newton Gresham Library.

Click HERE to see SHSU Theatre Department’s website.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sam Houston State Museum Reminders

Heads up for those who are interested—there is only a little more than a month left to enter the 2011 Amateur Photo Contest. Click HERE to see our original article about the event.

There is also only one month left to see J. Griffis Smith’s Texas: A Retrospective through the Lens and Images from Texas Highways. This popular exhibit features the images of J. Griffis Smith that were taken around Texas for over twenty-five years for Texas Highways magazine. The exhibit is curated by Mac Woodward and Casey Roon. Visit the Katy & E. Don Walker, Sr. Education Center today to see this exhibit. The last day to see this exhibit is August 31, 2011.

(picture of the Sr. Education Center)

Finally, for those in the military, the Sam Houston Memorial Museum is a proud participant of the Blue Star Museum program. This means that since Memorial Day through Labor Day on September 5, 2011, the museum is offering free admission to all military personnel and their families. Just show your military ID and you and up to five immediate family members will be given free admission to the museum. 
We, like many people in Huntsville, appreciate the museum and all of the work done to keep this historical site perserved and grounds maintained. Please remember to not harm the ducks at the duck pond. Casey Roon reported a couple of months on her blog that some of the ducks were being harmed by visitors to the park. The story was awful, and we hope that is no longer a problem.

(look, feed, but PLEASE don't harm!)

Visit their website today to read more about what the museum has to offer as well as ways that you can donate to keep this historical museum open. They also have a Facebook page.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yummy Yummy Mongolian Grill & Sushi = OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Yummy Yummy is now open and serving up some very delicious Mongolian food! I just ate there for lunch, and I will be going back there for dinner most likely to take pictures and to write a better review. I was too in awe my first visit to really take it all in. Despite my constant restaurant stalking, I didn't know it was open and was heading to a different restaurant for lunch today.

Here is what I can tell you right now:
It was very affordable. It was cheaper than the Mongolian restaurant in the Woodlands by at least a couple of dollars, but it seems like even more food. The sushi is also very affordable. They DO serve alcohol—I saw wine, sake, beer, and margaritas on the menu. Wine prices seem to be around $5 to $7.  
If you are making your own bowl, they give you a green bowl for vegetables and a red bowl for your meat and fish. I thought that was a nice touch. You also get a separate cup for your sauce. You can pick one or mix and match if you are more adventurous. The only thing that I missed from the place in the Woodlands was a recommendation diagram of which sauces go best with different types of meats, fish, and vegetables, but I can see them putting something like that up in the near future.
The owner is very friendly and came to our table multiple times to see if we were enjoying our meal. The servers were still getting the hang of everything, but that is very understandable. Not only is Yummy Yummy a brand new restaurant, it is also a slightly confusing restaurant for those who are unfamiliar with the way Mongolian grills operate.
There is a conveyer belt that displays various sushi items. I believe you are able to grab them yourself or your waitress what you would like from the belt. There is a color coded system for items on the belt that I didn’t completely catch, but I will write more about it after my second visit later today. I am only going back twice today, because when I drove by I wasn’t prepared for it to be open! =)
The inside is slightly on the small side for the crowd I know this place is going to get, but the atmosphere is very nice! You won’t feel like you are in Kansas… I mean Huntsville anymore. Expect it to be crowded in the upcoming weeks. It is fast dining, though, so even if you see a line when you go in don’t expect to wait too terribly long—at least after the mad rush that is going to hit them this week. Remember, they are open but still working out the kinks with everything. So be patient with the staff and enjoy yourselves.
Those are the main points I can remember at the moment. I am still in Yummy Yummy awe… this is one of the best things to ever happen in Huntsville and in my life!

Shake, Rattle & Roll and Tribute Artist Wayne King: July 23rd at the Old Town Theatre!

Shake, Rattle & Roll and Tribute Artist Wayne King
Saturday July 23, 2011 at 7:30pm (doors open at 6:30pm)

Old Town Theatre
1023 12th St.
Huntsville, TX 77340

(courtesy of Shake, Rattle & Roll)

Get ready to bop, swing, and twist your way over to the Old Town Theatre THIS Saturday!
This Saturday, July 23rd, The Old Town Theatre will be taking you back to the 50’s and 60’s with the all-female group Shake, Rattle & Roll! This group of performers is highly acclaimed and also the winners of the largest doo-wap contest to ever be held in Las Vegas! Shake, Rattle & Roll is known both nationally and locally for their beautiful harmony, authentic costumes, impressive choreography, hilarious comedy, and even their hula hooping skills!
(courtesy of Shake, Rattle & Roll)

Opening for Shake, Rattle & Roll is International Tribute Artist, Wayne King. Wayne King has toured throughout Europe including many places in Ireland, France, and England. He is well known for his ability to imitate the likes of legendary performers such as Bobby Darin, Buddy Holly, and Roy Orbison.
The ticket price is only $12 for advance tickets and $15 at the door. That’s a VERY reasonable price tag for the amount of entertainment these groups are sure to provide!
For more information about these performers or for ticket information call LeAnn Bemis at (903) 445-6907.
Click HERE to see the official website for Shake, Rattle & Roll.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Huntsville Community Theatre Auditions for Cheaper by the Dozen!

August 8th and August 9th
Old Town Theatre at 6pm
1023 12th St.
Huntsville, TX 77340

Calling all Huntsville actors and soon to be stars! The Huntsville Community Theatre will be holding auditions for its next play August 8th and August 9th! There are plenty of roles to fill in the HCT’s upcoming play, Cheaper by the Dozen, so don't be afraid to audition!
This play, based on the autobiographical book with the same name, is about the many characters that make up the Gilbreth clan and the strong and varied personalities within it. If your only exposure to Cheaper by the Dozen is the movie starring Steven Martin, then you have missing out, because that movie and its sequel bare very little resemblance to the original book or even the 1950 movie...they are actually GOOD.
If you are interested in auditioning, call (936) 291-7933 or email the Huntsville Community Theatre by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rita B. Huff Animal Shelter is Collecting Items for their Annual Garage Sale

Seeking Donations and Items for their Annual Garage Sale!
September 2-4 at the Elks Lodge—Mark your Calendars

The Rita B. Huff Animal Shelter needs your help! They are currently seeking items for their Annual Garage Sale, which is a fundraiser to raise money for the shelter. If you have any unwanted items, then contact the Rita B Huff Animal Shelter today at the following phone number: (936) 295-4666
You can also contact the phone numbers on this flier:

We love animals and appreciate all of the hard work that this shelter does to take care of and find homes for the homeless animals in Huntsville, TX.

The shelter has been hit very hard this year financially and needs the money that this fundraiser will bring in now more than ever—especially now that they are battling an outbreak of canine distemper. =(

If you are interested in making a monetary donation to the shelter, they have a pay pal account on their website that makes it very easy to donate.

If you are interested in helping but don’t have the money to spare, the shelter is always looking for volunteers to help out in various ways! Volunteer today and help feed, play, and love those cute animals at the shelter!

(My cute and spoiled kitties)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Plank Where You Please Contest! Ends July 22nd at Noon!

The Arbors of Sam Houston
55 Bowers Boulevard
Huntsville, TX 77340
(936) 295-8343

The Arbors of Sam Houston has joined in on the planking craze! Planking, also known as “the lying down game,” it is when someone poses face down with their arms flat to their sides in order to mimic a plank. Pictures of people planking, both real and photo shopped, have been recently sweeping the Internet!

The Arbors of Sam Houston is currently holding a contest to find the best planking picture! If you have a good planking picture, then send it to​m.

Voting for the best planking picture is taking place in their Planking Photo Album. “Like” your favorite planking picture. The person with the picture with the most “likes” will receive a $50.00 Visa Gift Card! So, join the contest today and submit a pic to win some MONEY! =)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Celebrating Neptune: Planetarium DOUBLE FEATURE! TODAY!

Two Small Pieces of Glass /IBEX: Interstellar Boundary Explorer
Farrington Building Room 102
Monday, July 11th at 3:00pm and 7:00pm
Free Admission!
In celebration of the 165th anniversary of the discovery of Neptune, the SHSU Planetarium will be showing Two Small Pieces of Glass at 3:00pm and IBEX: Interstellar Boundary Explorer at 7:00pm. He will also point out to the audience the constellations visible in the summer night sky, which is very impressive information to have on a date, gentlemen! =)
Neptune is a very fascinating planet. Here are some spacetastic facts about this windy water planet:
  • Neptune has the most violent weather in our Solar System!
  • Neptune has thirteen moons and at least six rings (that we have currently discovered)
  • The planet was officially discovered and recognized as a planet in 1846 by Galle. However, it was spotted and described before that by others—including Galileo in 1612 and John Herschel in 1830—who both mistook the planet for a star. John Herschel’s father, William, discovered Uranus.
  • Like Earth, Neptune is also tilted on an axis and so it also has seasons. However, the seasons on Neptune last much longer than a few months—they are forty years long!
  • Sailor Neptune (Michiru Kaiou) was introduced in the Sailor Moon S season of Sailor Moon. She is in love with Sailor Uranus (Haruka Tenou). In the dubbed version that aired on Comedy Central they were introduced as cousins to mask their romantic relationship, but all it did was make it very awkward! On a related note, a brand new version of the Sailor Moon manga will be on sale this September and will include a MUCH better translation! Sailor V will also be on sale for the very first time in the USA! Obviously none of this is really related to the planet Neptune... I just love Sailor Moon!
The SHSU Planetarium contains the Mediaglobe I projector, which allows visitors to take a virtual journey through space. It also allows its guest to see the night sky as it would appear to someone in any part of the world, how it appeared in the past, and how it will look in the future. The best part about this is that it is FREE and open to the public. You don’t have to be a SHSU student to appreciate the beauty and wonders of the deep space!

For more information contact:
Michael Prokosch: Physics Department staff assistant (936) 294-3664

Friday, July 8, 2011

HTX Street Food open right NOW! Go check it out!

Emmie’s Eatery
HTX Street Food Airstream
SPOTTED and OPEN right now and open until at least 8:00pm!

Location:1219 14th Street Huntsville, TX 77340 

You may have spotted HTX Street Food Airstream around town the past couple of weeks. It has been pretty random, but it has now found a (hopefully) permanent home next to Eat ‘Em Up Kats and across from Public Library.

It is also next to The Crazywood garden which adds a very cool vibe to this location:

 It is open NOW until at least 8:00pm, but the normal hours are going to be Tuesday – Friday from 11:00am until 2:00pm. However, even with the new location, don’t be surprised if you see the Airstream around in random locations at random events. 

They make various crepes, sweet crepes, pulled pork sliders, and blackened fish tacos. I just tried some and it was GOOD!

Here are some pictures of the magic happening inside: 
 I am most definitely a fan of the #6 Nutella and Strawberry Crepe!
Check it out today if you have a chance! We are definitely happy about the HTX Street Food Airstream being around time! Check out their Facebook page HERE!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Huntsville's Original Working Women's Wednesday

Huntsville's Original Working Women's Wednesday
Margarita's Mexican Restaurant
Every Wednesday in July from 4:30pm -6:30pm

Hey, Ladies! Starting THIS Wednesday, July 6th, Margarita's Mexican Restaurant will be showing their appreciation for all of the working women in Huntsville! There will be $1.01 margarita's, appetizer specials, games, and a prizes INCLUDING a prize drawing for a San Antonio get-a-way! 

It all starts Wednesday, July 6 at 4:30pm. Get the ladies together for fun & games, $1.01 margaritas, appetizer specials, and the grand prize drawing for a San Antonio get-a-way!

So, go to work today, put up with your obnoxious boss and/or coworkers, and then forget about your troubles with a few margaritas at Margarita's!