Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 Amateur Photo Contest--Sam Houston Memorial Museum

2011 Amateur Photo Contest

Sam Houston Memorial Museum
Deadline to submit: September 9, 2011
Cash Prize!
$5.00 per entry

If you have an interest in photography and are not already a professional photographer, then now is the time to explore your talents! The Sam Houston Memorial Museum is currently accepting applications for this year’s Amateur Photo Contest. Grab a camera and start taking pictures TODAY! Only the pictures for the Huntsville category need to be taken in Huntsville. There are multiple categories to choose from and each individual is allowed to enter a maximum of two photographs in each category. The categories include the following:
  • Huntsville
  • Sam Houston Museum
  • Floral
  • People
  • Architecture
  • Animals
Click HERE to see the official Rules and Regulations and HERE for the official Application .
CONTACT: Casey Roon (936) 294-3292 or Megan Buro (936) 294-3839 for more information
Good luck to all aspiring photographers who enter! Remember, even if you do not win the contest, ALL entries will be on display in the Walker Center Exhibit Gallery from October 3rd -November 25th for public viewing.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I do want to make sure that readers understand that their photos do not have to be from Huntsville. Only the 'Huntsville' category needs to actually be taken in Huntsville! Contest open to everyone, everywhere!

    Thanks Hey, Huntsville!