Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creatures that Dig: We can dig it! July 1st at 2pm

Creatures the Dig!
July 1st, 2011 at 2:00pm
Old Town Theater: 1023 12th Street

(Warning: Pokemon and NOT real creatures)

It’s not always easy to entertain those little rascals during the summer. The Texas Reading Club has been working with The City of Huntsville to create both exciting AND engaging activities for the children to do this summer.
Tomorrow, as a part of this program and sponsored by the Helen Wheat Culture Enrichment Fund, the Old Town Theatre will be hosting this Creature Digging Extravaganza! Robyn Wheeler, both teacher and animal lover, will be bringing a variety of different digging animals for children to observe. She will be teaching the children the basics behind these creatures and their habitats, while the children observe them up close and personal! Thank you Robyn Wheeler for sharing both your knowledge and creatures with the City of Huntsville! =)

If you or your children are fans of digging creatures or animals in general, then take them to this event tomorrow! All ages are welcome.

For more information contact Janelle Valera:
Phone: (936) 291-5910
Fax: (936) 291-5418

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