Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nature of Science: June 23rd and June 30th

Farrington Building Room 102
Thursday, June 23rd & Thursday, June 30th at 3:00pm
Free Admission!

As a part of the campus' planetarium series, tomorrow afternoon and next Thursday, the Physics department will be featuring the program, Nature of Science, which features a tour of the constellations, stars, and planets.
The SHSU Planetarium contains the Mediaglobe I projector, which allows visitors to take a virtual journey through space. It also allows its guest to see the night sky as it would appear to someone in any part of the world, how it appeared in the past, and how it will look in the future. The best part about this is that it is FREE and open to the public. You don’t have to be a SHSU student to appreciate the beauty and wonders of the deep space!
For more information contact:
Michael Prokosch: Physics Department staff assistant (936) 294-3664

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