Friday, August 19, 2011

Aftermath: Crazy Dazy Bokayz's Grand Opening

Yesterday, I went out to the Grand Opening of Crazy Dazy Bokayz. The address is 275 FM 247, Huntsville, TX 77320. If you follow Map Quest, it will tell you that it is located on Avenue M in-between Thomason and Ross. DON’T follow those directions. I circled the area for about twenty minutes and then decided to continue along down the road since I knew I was looking for a place with a big water slide and had yet to see one. I found Crazy Dazy Bokayz’s across FM 2821 RD W on the corner of Jenkins RD, and there was INDEED a big water slide!
(The big water slide)

Thanks to work and getting lost, the Grand Opening party had already been going on for almost two hours by the time I got there. However, there was still a nice sized crowd.

93.5 The Outlaw was there with a couple of games set up with prizes for the winners that included free T-shirts. I was terrible at the tossing game and the pig dice game, but they were still nice enough to give me a free T-shirt. Thanks, guys!

(The fancy "Outlaw" van)

("Outlaw" Dave and his wife, Brandy. Their celebrity couple name is "Dandy.")

Along with a water slide, games, and 93.5 The Outlaw, there was also free BBQ from the brand new Drifter's Barb-B-Que. It is located right next to Crazy Dazy Bokayz's. According to the sign on the window, it has not officially opened. Hopefully, that means ANOTHER grand opening with free BBQ in the near future! =)

(This picture does not do the food justice. It was VERY tasty and almost gone by the time I started eating.)

(There was also face painting)

Since the purpose of the Grand Opening was to celebrate the official opening of Crazy Dazy Bokayz's, lets not forget about the actual store. Here is a picture of the outside of the building:

The inside was just as cute. I am a fan of bright and vibrant colors, and I was not disappointed.
(Nice smelling soaps,perfumes, and more.)

(Purses, wallets, necklaces, and more)

(Pretty dresses for pretty little girls. They make me wish I was three again! )

HERE is their website if you are interested in seeing more of their inventory. For more pictures of this event, visit our Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Congrats Crazy Dazy Bokayz on the successful Grand Opening. I know that I will be going back for more of the pretty flowers for my hair so please stock up! =)

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