Friday, September 2, 2011

SHSU Biological Sciences Department Seminar Series Schedule

SHSU Biological Sciences Department Seminar Series

Thursdays from 4pm until 5pm

Lee Drain Building Room 214

Lectures Open to the Public

Thursday, September 1st: J. Nathaniel Holland- "Population and Community Ecology of Mutualism: Integrating Theory and Empiricism in Case Studies of Plant-Animal Interactions in the Sonoran Desert."
Thursday, September 8th:  Yunxin Fu, from The University of Texas Medical School—Houston
Thursday, September 15th: Erik Seiffert, from Stony Brook University.
Thursday, September 22nd: Puni Jeyasingh, from Oklahoma State University—Stillwater.
Thursday, September 29th: Lisa Nolan, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University.
Thursday, October 6th: Douglas Rhoads-"The Genetics of Pulmonary Hypertension Syndrome; Using the Chicken as a Model of a Human Disease." From the University of Arkansas—Fayetteville.
Thursday, October 13th: Joel Trexler, from Florida International University—Miami.
Thursday, October 20th: Michael Reed, from Tufts University in Boston.
Thursday, October 27th: Chris Randle-"Taking to the Trees: The Natural History of an Aerial Parasite."
Thursday, November 3rd: Matthew Bolek-"How Frogs get their Worms! Understanding parasitic life-cycle strategies from an amphibian community perspective.” From Oklahoma State University—Stillwater.
Thursday, November 10th: Jay Banner-"Climate and Paleoclimate Change, Water Change, and Policy in Texas." From the University of Texas at Austin.
Thursday, November 17th: Win Sale-"The Indispensable Cilium: Regulation of Assembly and Function." From Emory University in Atlanta.
Thursday, December 1st: Joseph Petrosino-"Metagenomics and Human Microbiome." From Baylor College of Medicine—Houston.

For more information contact Madhusudan Choudhary at the following:

Phone: (936) 294-4850

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