Tuesday, September 27, 2011

“Mingling with the Media” w/ Dan Rather

Mingling with the Media” w/ Dan Rather
Wednesday, September 28th from 6:30pm -7:30pm
James & Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center, Concert Hall
Arts Center 1751 Ave I
Huntsville, TX, 77340

One of, if not THE most famous SHSU alumnus, Dan Rather, will be on campus this Wednesday to discuss his sixty year career as a journalist. He will also be answering questions from the audience. His return to the SHSU campus is a part of a class project for a course called “Priority One,” which “is a course within the Department of Mass Communication that provides hands-on experience for students planning a career in public relations.”

In this class project, “Mingling with the Media,” the sixteen Priority One students have the task of promoting and publicizing the event. The Priority One students most likely made this very snazzy brochure for the event found HERE. I like everything about it except for the white text on the red background, but the red may look brighter on my computer than it does printed out. The brochure gives an excellent description of Dan Rather’s career, and it is definitely worth reading. Good luck, students!

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