Saturday, October 29, 2011

Didgeridoo Workshop with Phil Shiva Jones (Sun., Oct. 30)

This Sunday, Phil "Shiva" Jones will be at Thoreau Woods (144 E Mosley Lane) from 1:30 - 3p hosting a workshop on the didgeridoo. No prior music experience is required, and participants will be provided an instrument to play during the workshop.

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From the event page on Facebook:

This interactive workshop explores the use of breath and sound frequencies to connect with the Divine, and create a deeply serene state of consciousness for the enhancement of healing, meditation, prayer and creativity.

The didgeridoo is an ancient mesmerizing drone instrument made from the eucalyptus tree and is traditionally played in healing ceremonies by the Aboriginal clans of Australia.

Playing the didgeridoo creates soothing and resonant harmonics that easily erase the ‘monkey chatter’ in the mind ~ enhancing mental clarity and emotional equilibrium.

The primordial vibrations of the didgeridoo, combined with the breathing techniques, help create a state of relaxation, lower blood pressure, relax the heart, improve digestion, and ~ as recently proven by the British Medical Association ~ significantly reduce sleep apnea. 

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