Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Annual Town Creek Music Festival

We had a great time at the First Annual Town Creek Music Festival!

The festival began with Mayor Turner proclaiming that he hoped that the Town Creek Festival would grow with each year and that he would be able to see its growth in twenty years to give another proclamation—even if he has to be pushed in sitting in a wheel chair (his words not mine). He also declared this week the “Official Tourist Week” for Huntsville, Texas.  

Oldest 2009 SHSU graduate and one of Huntsville’s most beloved residents, Frank “Poncho” Roberts also gave a short speech that included his familiar phrase: “My family, that’s togetherness one more time.”

Many bands played yesterday including the One Percenters Prison Ministry, Rosenwall, the David Gerald Band, and Gary-Michael Dahl. We missed Gary-Michael Dahl, but we heard from others that they were the crowd favorite. These bands were a mixture of different genres including gospel, country, blues, and R&B. There was enough variety to satisfy almost everyone’s tastes in music. The City of Huntsville did a great job in organizing this festival, booking talented bands, and setting up other activities and vendors. The festival was also near two volleyball courts and the public pool.

One Percenters Prison Ministry:

Excellent gospel music:

The David Gerald Band:

The art walk: 

This crazy checkers board was back! We saw it last week at the Airing of the Quilts:

We had fun yesterday at the Town Creek Music festival. Unfortunately, this event may not have been properly marketed. The turnout was decent, but there was definitely room for MANY more people. I suspect that the majority of the people there were friends or family of one of the bands or were the locals who manage to find out about and go to everything--kind of like us =) . We saw several familiar faces including Smithers and his bohemian entourage. This festival was a great idea and hopefully more people will be aware of this event and attend the festival next year. 

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