Sunday, May 22, 2011

Want to be in a zombie film? Zombie extras needed!

Zone Zero: Decampment!
Montgomery Village 118
TOMORROW Monday, May 23, 2011

Samuel Sanchez is working on his latest zombie film,  Zone Zero: Decampment!, and he needs your help! If you are free tomorrow and/or have always dreamed about being a zombie super star, then go to Montgomery Village 118 tomorrow morning and get zombified up!  I would be there, but unfortunately I have a day job. Click HERE to see the Facebook event page and click "ATTENDING" if you are interested. 

Straight from the event page: 

We are very near the end of filming for Zone Zero: Decampment!
There are just a few more zombie scenes to go!

We need 3 seperate units of zombies, each consisting of at least 5 or 6 zombies each. You are welcome to be a repeat zombie, but bear in mind you will be there longer and will need to change makeup and clothing (we can provide extra clothing if needed.)
snacks and refreshments will be provided

UNIT A zombies:
Since it is summer vacation and we are on a crazy time crunch, the zombies will need to arrive at 118 Montgomery Village apts. at 8am for makeup. At 1pm we will travel to our location and begin fight choreography, and we shoot from 2 to 4:30

UNIT B Zombies
Meet at 118 Montgomery Village at 12 NOON for makeup. Travel to location at 4pm. Fight choreography, shoot from 5 to 7

UNIT C Zombies
Meet at 118 Montgomery Village at 3pm for makeup. Will be done no later than 8:30pm


Remember to invite your friends and anyone you may know. Also, remember that anyone who is a zombie is invited to the premier party, which will feature a keg and other wonderful beverages!

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